Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority cancelled the registration of Antriksh Sanskriti Phase 2,3 and Raksha Vigyaan Sanskriti phase 2 under RERA section 8.

On Wednesday UP-RERA announced that the registration of three incomplete group housing projects has been cancelled in Ghaziabad over work delay. Their bank accounts are frozen, to prevent transactions.

UP-RERA informed “Multiple complaints were lodged by the allottees of two projects of M/s Antriksh Realtek Pvt. Ltd and a project of Raksha Vigyan Karmacharis Sahkaari Samiti Ltd. with the Authority under Section 31 of the RERA Act, alleging the violation of the agreement/contract with the promoter and delay in construction.”

According to the promoter, the construction work of the projects began in 2015 and completion dates were July 2022 for phase 2,3 and June 2023 for Vigyaan Sanskriti phase 2.

UP RERA shared “As per on-site verification report of projects received by UP RERA, presently, the construction and development work has been achieved up to 40 per cent in Antriksha Sanskriti Phase-2 and up to 30 per cent in Antriksha Sanskriti Phase-3. Surprisingly, the construction and development work could not commence in Raksha Vigyaan Sanskriti Phase-2.”

“The inspection report also states that all kinds of construction work on the project site are closed for many years, thus the chances of completion of the projects are absolutely uncertain,” it added.

The statement added “This information has been conveyed to RERA offices of other states and Union Territories. It has been decided by the Authority to freeze bank accounts of projects to prevent any kind of transactions related to the project,”

According to the statement, the Project Advisory and Monitoring Committee includes the vice-chairman of the Ghaziabad Development Authority together with a technical advisor, conciliation consultant, auditor of UP RERA, financial institutions and association of allottees responsible for the project.

Expert assistance will be provided to this committee from the Project Management Division of UP RERA to ensure the completion of the project, it added.

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