Important Factors For Real Estate Investing

When it comes to discover the most ideal method for upgrading your investment in Real Estate, unanimous consent is required. The real estate segment has seen colossal development over the last two decades and this is the reason it has become a superlative choice of investment for almost every investor. The following are some most significant reasons which will persuade you to trust that real estate is actually a better segment when it comes to choosing for a long-term investment with other benefits like rental income with marvelous appreciation in your capital amount.

Simple and Easy Investment

When it comes to investing in property, it is quite an easier option compared to shares and stocks which need a stockbroker to invest. Although expert advice is always recommended when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, this sector still requires minimal third-party (broker) intervention. Various online portals are available to answer your dilemmas about investment in property.

Cheap Loans

When it comes to comparing loan rate for other assets, interest rates for home loans are cheapest ranging from 9.25 per cent to 11 per cent a year. While an auto loan is offered at 14 per cent in India, you shall be required to pay an average of 15 per cent on personal loan.

Extensive Finance Option

As numerous choices are available for financing the real estate projects, going from Non-Banking financial institutions like private lenders and organizations to Banks, one can easily invest in the real estate sector with no dearth of money in terms of financing.

More Prospects of Appreciation in Capital than others

Once invested, the investor not merely enjoys appreciation in the property value, they can also enjoy a stream of income by letting it out on rent. Depending upon location, the property attracts whooping rentals and there is no dearth of people looking for rented apartments in areas like NCR where thousands of immigrants across India settle down every year.

Asset for Generations

This is a sort of long-term investment which is expected to be appreciated over years and can be passed on to your kids. Preferred over shares and stock which does not assure you an appreciation in long run, investment in real estate guarantee a long term appreciation as well.

Safest Bet

No single organization in National Stock exchange has ensured continuous appreciation on your invested amount over a decade or two. But, when it comes to investment in real estate, if invested diligently, one may derive dual benefits as rental income and property pricing appreciation which may go as high as more than double of your invested amount.

Tax Benefits

Not just low interest rates, you will also enjoy rebate on your taxable income against your home loan. If the acquisition or the construction of your property gets completed within 3 years from the year you have taken the home loan, you can get benefited with an extra deduction of up to Rs. 2 lakh per annum for a self-occupied property.

Dream of “Own House”

With investment in property, you can pursue your dream of owning your “own” house apart from various other monetary benefits like rental income and property appreciation. Owing a house, no doubt, assures a secured future for your coming generations besides giving you a distinct status in society.

Real estate, no doubt, is a money-building cycle today which helps you to reap benefits till time conquers perpetuity, right boasting from your social status to building an investment channel that assures a guaranteed income, property plays a vital role.