Reasons Why Young NRIs Should Investment in Indian Real Estate

Indian real estate has not only attracted domestic investors but also enticed young NRI investors for property investment. This segment has become quite favorable for NRIs as it offers various opportunities to invest in the Government real estate investments.

Favorable Policies

A number of investment-friendly policies are introduced by the Government of India to secure maximum foreign investments such as treating non-repatriable investments from NRIs as domestic investments and lowering the minimum built-up area requirement for FDI from 50,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet. NRIs will surely get benefit by these incentives if they invest in these investment-friendly policies of India and eventually the Indian economy can be revived by an increase in investment from young NRIs.

Affordable Pricing

Due to the difference in currency values, investing in Indian real estate is affordable, as NRIs currency value against the Indian currency is more. Now-a-days, even builders are focusing on projects aimed at young NRIs that are in compliance with the Indian real estate investor rules. All these factors, combined, make India a lucrative investment option for young NRIs.

Steady Source of Income

An increasing number of foreigners investing in Indian property in order to secure regular rental income. Countries like India, where more and more people are moving to metropolitan areas in search of better job prospects, leads to an increase in demand for rented properties. As a result, investing in real estate ensures quick-bucks as rental income.

Rooted to the Country

One of the motives why younger NRIs choose to spend money on Indian real estate is to stay connected with the land of their ancestors. No doubt, better salary quotes and higher increase components tempt NRIs to settle overseas for long term however, proudly owning a property in India is constantly an element of significance for them. According to a current survey with the aid of using Sumansa Exhibitions “younger NRIs, elderly among 18 and 35, in UAE account for 43% of investments in Indian actual property segment.”

Promising Prospects of Real Estate in India

According to the reports, Indian real estate sector is anticipated to witness an outstanding boom and expected to attain up to $180 by 2020.  Young NRIs are searching on assets in India with the attitude of long-time period asset funding and unearths it a cash-spinning choice of funding.

With the real estate sector observing tremendous growth, younger NRIs pumping in cash paves a manner to marvelous boom in India’s infrastructure.