Historically, candle use has been limited to religious occasions and lighting. These days, they are the standard for home decor. A candle can not only add a calming and charming glow to your space, but it can also improve its overall design. There are so many different ways to display them: you can keep them plain, you can put them in a statement vessel, or you can try one of these creative candle decoration ideas.

You’ll find plenty of DIYs and design inspiration here. There is a candle style, shape, and scent that perfectly match the mood you want to create, from votive to taper to pillar and beyond. This list contains ideas for every situation, whether you want to dress up your spring table with a statement centerpiece or add a subtle glow to your living room with a mirrored candle tray, illuminate your mantel, or both. Browse through our favorite scented candles to start glowing right away, while some of the following ideas show you how to make your own candles from scratch.

Try wrapping washi tape around tealight candles

Tea light candles already come in their own miniature “holder,” as you’re probably aware if you’re a craft enthusiast. Tea lights are typically made and sold in a small metal tray, which gives them their shape and allows them to be easily inserted into other designs. If you want to keep things as simple as possible in terms of tea light candle holders, Cheap Crafting recommends decorating what you already have! Depending on what you plan to use the tea lights for, try wrapping washi tape around the edge of the original small silver tray. Match the hues and patterns of your tape to the theme of the event or the area around you.

Pastel Easter nest tea light holder

We especially like the ones that are carefully wrapped around a balloon or other object so that when the object is slid out from inside the wrapped string, it retains its shape like a mold or frame. Wrapping string around an egg to create the appearance of a pastel Easter egg is a great example of what we mean. 

Fabric decoupage glass jar tea light holder

We adore discovering crafts that combine a variety of crafting techniques, like this one from Ain’t That Berries. You’re not only practicing your decoupage skills here, making your own tea light candle holder out of an old mason jar, and caring for smaller scraps of vintage fabric that you might never otherwise use. Just be careful not to leave this candle burning if you leave the house! Although most fabrics are safe to be around the tiny, weak flame of a tea light candle, it’s still best to be safe than sorry.

Patterned rope tea light jars

You already know how much fun rope or string art can be if you’ve ever tried it. But with this new technique, you can write all kinds of messages and make different patterns on the jars or old candlesticks (as you choose to do). Similar to a decoupage tactic but with more texture, this technique is much simpler than it appears and is held in place by liquid glue.

Wooden branch tea light holder

Are you still interested in learning how to make your own candle display out of wood? If you’re going to use power tools, you might as well make everything appear as natural as possible by setting your candle in a real tree branch. Try making a crevice in the top and sanding the branch section smoothly so it doesn’t rock back and forth on you when you set it down.

Snow drift tea light holders

Simple, inexpensive tea light candles are a great opportunity for the holidays, among many other things. We’re not even close to Christmas yet, but it’s always a good idea to save DIY ideas for the future so you’re ready when the holidays arrive! Since these awesome “snow” covered tea light holders are so awesome, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share them with you. Since these awesome “snow” covered tea light holders are so awesome, we couldn’t pass up the chance to share them with you. The textured finish’s ability to accurately mimic snow is something we adore.

Paper quilled tea light decor

If you’ve never tried paper quilling before, and you’re an intricacy junkie like me, we’re confident you’ll excel at it. Try to create stunning spirals and quilled hearts that swirl around a tea light candle that is positioned exactly in the center of the circle, as seen in the image. We believe that this method is much simpler than it appears, and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Tea light and marble martini glass

Typically, when we refer to “marble,” we refer to the popular DIY method used to paint fingernails. But this time, we’re talking about real marbles that are integrated into a camera display! We love how a tea light is placed in the center of a martini glass and is surrounded by tiny metal marbles. 

Walnut tea light centre piece

Some people celebrate the change in weather by roasting walnuts and chestnuts during certain seasons, such as fall and winter. Along with being entertaining, tasty, and fragrant, this project can also be quite decorative, especially if you pile the nuts into a bowl and then balance two empty shell halves that actually have candles built into them on top. 

Sea shell tea lights

Well, if you’re up for the challenge, here is something similar to the walnut we talked about earlier. However, if you want to maintain a strong seaside theme in the room, you can use seashell halves in place of the walnuts.

Do you know someone who always lights tea light candles the way they come, in that tiny metal tray, without ever attempting to decorate it in any way, despite being a fun, bright person? Then share this post with them for some candle inspiration!

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