YEIDA, Noida The authorities of Yamuna Expressway and Noida are ready to classify and modify their annual budgets in the month of June, which will be apportioned to the two areas in the present financial year. As per the sources, the amount that will be allotted to the two areas in 2017-18 is around Rs.10000 crore. Where Noida is expected to receive Rs.6000 crore, YEIDA will receive a budget of around Rs.4000 crore.

The dates of board meetings of the authorities have been finalized. The board meeting of Noida Authority will be held on 2nd June, while that of YEIDA will be held on 9th June and the budget will get finalized. As per the sources, this year’s budget of Noida Authority is Rs.6000 crore, which is around Rs.3000 crore less than the budget of previous year.

As the Authority has been going through the problem of lack of funds, various projects including the Metro projects will be put at halt.

The main objective will be to complete the projects that are ongoing. The ongoing projects include city’s first ever elevated road, two metro routes which are under-construction, sufficient parking facilities, numerous underpasses etc.

On the other hand, YEIDA will allocate an almost same amount of budget as last year. Farmers are going to be at a higher position on the budget of this year with around Rs.1500 crore but Rs.1200 crore will be used for the development of infrastructure of the area.