real estateWith Real estate becoming a sought-after option for investors, it also assures better returns over other financial instruments including bonds and securities. This is the reason why most of people now-a-days prefer to invest in property over bank or insurance. But investing in real estate are also governed by the factors mentioned below:

Flexibility: Buying a property ensures multiple options including renting, leasing, selling etc. Chances are higher that the cost of purchased property goes up in the near future and you may chunk out huge profits on its sale. And till the time, you can dig on its rent.

Tangibility: Property is considered as one of the most profitable tangible asset if you invest in real estate segment judicially. Various factors say location, civic utilities etc also effect the quantum of profits you can derive from your purchased property.

Safe Investment: With more and more incentives provided by government to make affordable housing available to all and post-demonetization, investors have greater interest in real estate segment. Thus, investing in property is now a safer option in terms of liquidity as well to an extent.

Safer Investment: Although investing in Banks and Insurance are quite safe as it involves implied guarantee by government, investing in property is also Safe if done with due diligence. All you need to do is to focus on the proper documentation at the time of cracking deal and it will turn out safest investment which can yield highest returns.

Unparalleled benefits: Investing in property not only yields a regular returns in terms of rent and higher returns on its sale but also ensures numerous other benefits including various tax deductions as well as tax free profits. You shall also be eligible for bailouts if you can handle the mortgage.

All these factors make real estate investment more lucrative over other financial instruments. So, if you are planning to invest your hard earned money, consider these factors to make a sensible decision!