In a significant policy shift, the Uttar Pradesh government has enacted new guidelines regarding the purchase of floor area ratio (FAR), signaling the end of the practice where developers could build first and regularize deviations later. The revised regulations aim to curb illegal construction and streamline the approval process.

GHAZIABAD: Developers in multi-story buildings were previously able to acquire FAR in case of slight deviations from the sanctioned layout map. However, the updated guidelines dictate that any additional FAR deemed illegal will face demolition if applied after construction.

A GDA official explained the change: “Extra FAR allowed builders to increase construction. Previously, developers could apply for additional FAR during the inspection, seeking a completion certificate. However, this process often led to disputes, complaints from residents, and complications in regularizing additional built-up areas.”

Under the new guidelines, additional construction will only be permissible with the prior purchase of FAR at the time of project map submission for approval. The permissible FAR for plotted developments and group housing is 1.5 FSI in the city and 2.5 on the outskirts, with the purchasable FAR allowed on 25% extra construction in the built-up area and 33% in open areas.

The revised guidelines aim to streamline the process of completion certificate issuance, ensuring that construction aligns with the approved project map. The government has also introduced changes in project renewal fees, allowing realtors to pay only for the unfinished part of a project after the stipulated construction period and subsequent extension.

This move will benefit developers working on stalled real estate projects in Noida and Greater Noida. According to the GDA, realtors now face renewal fees only for the unfinished portion of a project, providing a more reasonable and equitable approach to project completion timelines.

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