Lucknow: The state government plans to revive its program for providing affordable rental housing for those from economically disadvantaged groups.

The urban development department identified 27 towns in Uttar Pradesh where housing units will be provided to skilled and unskilled workers who are forced to live in slums or roadside shanties.

Individuals earning less than Rs 25,000 per month will be eligible for rental housing, with the local administration and urban body having the option of redefining the income criteria based on local dynamics.

Local government bodies have been tasked with conducting surveys to determine whether affordable housing is needed to improve the living conditions of the urban poor.

The properties will be offered to the interested party for a 25-year concession period. “Nationally, the average monthly rent for a single room unit is Rs 3,000,” said an officer. The state government launched a survey to establish affordable rental housing complexes in 100 cities across Uttar Pradesh as part of the PM Awas Yojana.

Neha Sharma, director of urban local bodies, stated that the state urban development authority will assist local governments in identifying sites and existing housing projects that can be retrofitted to house the urban poor.

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