The NCR city’s boundaries would be extended towards Meerut, Hapur, and Delhi by building additional townships on land that will be purchased by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) and UP Housing Board. A proposal to expand the city by the UP government, and will soon release Rs 4,000 crore for funding. According to officials, the GDA and the housing board were anticipated to receive a large sum of money.

According to GDA officials, land purchases were planned for Looni, Modinagar, and Dasna. The population is increasing, and it has become necessary to expand the boundaries of the NCR city as more people are likely to move there with the inauguration of the RRTS later this year and other commuter options

The plan to expand the new limits of cities throughout the state was approved by the UP cabinet. The development authorities in various districts will purchase property to build new townships as a result of this initiative. The authorities will likely receive about 4,000 rupees for the land purchase

Together with allocating money, the government will also pay 50% of the cost of acquiring land over a 20-year period. There won’t be any interest assessed by the government. For every development authority, land acquisition is the most time-consuming and expensive operation. Authorities will undoubtedly be encouraged by the government’s action

Townships haven’t been a big success for the GDA. Madhuban Bapudham, the authority’s most recent project, nearly depleted its financial reserves when it was forced to pay an additional Rs 1,100 crore in compensation to farmers whose land was confiscated as a result of a 2016 Supreme Court judgment

To create a township, the GDA will now be required to purchase at least 25 acres under the new policy. The central city region is congested. As a result, we will focus on the city’s periphery, specifically Loni, Modinagar, Muradnagar, and Dasna, where land is still for sale. With the opening of the RRTS, there will be a paradigm shift in how people commute, and as a result, Ghaziabad’s population and housing projects are expected to grow significantly, according to Tripathi. 

There are two other townships in the city besides Madhuban Badpudham, however, they were both created by either individual developers or partnerships. The UP government introduced a Hi-Tech township programme in 2005, with a minimum need of 1,500 acres of land. 25 acres were required by the government for an integrated township strategy. Crossing Republik was built as a result of the integrated township. In the interim, the cabinet also authorized the expenditure of Rs 547 crore under the Amrut-2 plan for the building of 68 MLD STP that will benefit 10 municipal wards.

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