enemy properties
As per information provided to Lok Sabha, the total value of enemy property, which is immovable, has come out to be Rs.1.04 lakh crore.

If calculated in numbers, the total number of immovable properties which come under the bracket of Enemy Property is 9280. These properties are scattered over a large area of 11773 acres of land.

Recently, the Enemy Property Act had gone through amendment by our government safeguarding the claims, rights and succession of the transfer of properties of people left behind during the time of migration to Pakistan and China.

Any kind of property which belongs to or is managed by an enemy (Pakistan or China), or even by an enemy firm, is referred to as Enemy Property.

These properties have been place in the hands of the Custodian of Enemy Property for India, which is an official body coming under the Central Government.

The Enemy Property Act was passed in 1968, after the war between India and Pakistan broke out in 1965. The Enemy Property Act takes care of the regulation of Enemy properties and mentions the powers of the concerned custodian.

However, the Enemy Property Act was recently amended, stating that incase, the ancestors shifted to any of the enemy countries (Pakistan or China), their heirs will not be able to claim the entitlement of the property in India.