smart citySmart city challenge, which has been in the talks for quite some time now, had 45 cities participating in its third round. Out of these 45 cities, 40 cities will be selected for the development as smart cities.

These selected 40 cities are likely to be revealed by the end of june and after this the total count of smart cities will reach 100.

The government had launched the mission of ‘100 Smart City’ last year in June. The first list comprising of 20 cities was revealed in January, 2016. Since 23 cities were eliminated from the first round, they were given a chance to improve the proposals they had prepared. As a result of the improved proposals, 13 out the 23 cities got selected in May, 2016.

An amount of Rs.48000 crore has been decided by the government to be spent on the development of these smart cities.

All the cities selected in the Smart City Challenge will be individually given an amount Rs.500 crore (not in one go, but over a period of time) for their development by the central government.

The plans for 60 cities selected in the Smart City Challenge will cost around Rs.1.33 lakh crore has already been approved by the government.