Haryana court-ordered Haryana housing board to refund the money of applicants together with the mean saving interest provided by SBI.


The Housing Board of Haryana has received an order from Haryana High Court saying that they have to refund the amount deposited by the public for house units in various housing projects. Those projects have been advertised by it, but the allotment has not been made for a long time.

People who applied for the Defence Scheme Sampla (Type-A) will get their amount refunded by June 30. And the people who applied for other schemes shall have to be refunded by the board by October 31.

The High Court made it clear that if these orders are not followed that would invite action against board officials under the contempt of court Act. All the applicants will get the refund together with the mean savings bank interest of the State Bank of India. 

The High Court ordered  “Naturally, needless to say, any delay in implementation would entitle the petitioners to invoke the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, other than, of course, further penal interest to be levied at the rate of 10% per annum with compounding, for delayed payment beyond the aforesaid two dates,”

These orders are passed by Justice Amol Rattan Singh and Justice Lalit Battra of the high court while hearing the bunch of petitions filed by residents.

Regarding the interest rate on the refund, Mahajan informed the high court that there is a statuary provision governing the issue of refund deposited by applicants in any scheme, where if the applicant has not been allotted a housing unit in the time span of two years from the closing date of registration.

Petitioner said that the housing board is charging 10% compound interest per annum in case of default of payment of installments, and applicants are not at fault at all that the schemes in question were scrapped, and the money paid by the applicants has been with the board for the past 9 years so they should give the same rate of interest.

A petitioner commented “Obviously much more than two years having gone by since the money was deposited… they would be satisfied with a refund at bank rates in terms of the aforesaid regulation,”

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