supertechThe Supreme Court has announced that if the Supertech’s two 40-storey Emerald Towers will be demolished if they are built without a sanction.

Allahabad High Court’s verdict of April 2014 had instructed the demolition of the tow twin towers of Supertech in Noida. It had also ordered Supertech to return the money to the homebuyers along with the interest of 3 months. A bench was formed comprising high officials and pleas were heard by them against this verdict.

The flats combined in the two towers come to a total of 857 and 600 out of them are sold off.

The bench during the hearing made clear that any homebuyer can come out of the project at their will if they want to. And similarly if they want to continue with the project and stay, they can.

A counsel had appeared from Noida Authority’s side which informed the bench that the sanctioned plan for the towers was prepared, keeping in mind the guidelines.

Buyers also had complaints that even after the high court’s orders, the amount had not been refunded to them.

In the developer’s defense, the counsel appearing for them said that the money had been refunded to the homebuyers. It also said that the applications for refunding the money would be executed within four weeks and the principal amount would be given back to them.

The builder had paid Rs.5 crore as per the court orders. This has settled the matter till August 9th, the final hearing date.

National buildings construction corporation (NBCC) was asked to inspect and analyze the Supertech’s emerald towers to check if the twin towers were defying the sanctioned plan. NBCC was supposed to submit a report on the same.