GURUGRAM: DLF areas have developed into a center for illegal commercial activity, including hair salons, gyms, grocery stores, clinics, and small restaurants.

The developer has provided the department of town and country planning (DTCP) with a list of 742 illegal commercial establishments that are located in its licensed colonies, DLF 1 to 4, to take legal action against the owners of these properties.

According to the developer, residential units were being used to conduct illegal commercial activities, which was against the rules established by the Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975. The developer included a list of these residential properties along with a letter in which he claimed that these illegal commercial activities are burdening the community’s infrastructure more than necessary and aggravating locals. A response from these property owners is now required, according to the developer.

The company officials stated in a letter to the district town planner (enforcement) on March 29 that illegal commercial units, such as guest houses, boarding houses, restaurants, and offices, are also in violation of approved plans. The area’s population density has increased beyond what is sustainable, endangering amenities and services like water, sewage, electricity, and roads in DLF colonies.  

The developer continued, “We are receiving numerous complaints from RWAs and residents regarding issues they are having as a result of commercialization and illegal construction in residential areas. The law-abiding locals have suffered greatly as a result of these activities. The DTCP has been asked to take strict action against offenders in the interest of these residents because it has not only negatively impacted the amenities but also poses a serious risk to life and property and could result in a major catastrophe.

In response to the complaint, the department’s enforcement division formed a team led by an assistant town planner to carry out inspections and issue violation notices.

“We have received a letter from the developer on illegal commercial activities being run from residential areas,” district town planner Manish Yadav (enforcement) said. A team composed of two apprentice engineers and an assistant town planner has been assembled to conduct the surveys. Show-cause notices and restoration orders will be served to the identified properties after the survey is completed. According to him, building owners will have their occupation certificates revoked and a sealing drive will be conducted if they don’t restore the structures. Additionally, he said, “The department will write to the tehsildar not to approve the sale and purchase of such properties.”

The rules state that, with a few exceptions, residential buildings cannot be used for any commercial operations. A few non-nuisance activities are permitted only on the ground floor and are limited to no more than 25% of the space or 50 square meters, whichever is less. “Non-nuisance certificates” have only been granted to them. Non-nuisance professional activities are those that a person performs utilizing their abilities and intelligence.

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