jaypeeJaypee infratech is going to prepare a report on its much talked about project, Wish Town in Noida, showing the progress in its development. The report will be prepared and uploaded by July-end this year, as the buyers are really eager to know that what will be strategy of the company, which is facing a huge amount of liquidity crunch, to complete 27000 flats by 2020 as per their promise.

There were many complaints filed by the investors of Wish Town in Noida against the company and therefore a combined FIR was lodged by the police. After the FIR, the company had promised that the construction would start phase by phase.

Currently, construction materials can be seen at the construction sites and the work of cement layering was also going on. Even the work of electrical details was in progress. But the fact remains that the number of labourers was still not sufficient to match the level of construction that is still left.

The management of Jaypee had assured the homebuyers that it is completely dedicated towards completing the Wish Town in Noida, with the support of the working capital it received from banks.

As per the layout and completion roadmap of the company, the number of flats which will be delivered by 2018 is 6000, by 2018-19 is 8000 and the remaining will be delivered by 2020.