Delhi-Master-PlanThe Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has initiated with the process of formulating the Master Plan till the year 2041 for the development of Delhi. For the plan, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the land-owning agency and National Institute of Urban Affairs. (NIUA)

In the authority meeting, a proposal was approved in the same context.

NIUA has been given a time period of 48-months to develop the framework around which the growth and planning of Delhi will be done till 2041. Before executing the framework, a quantitative analysis will be done by NIUA which will involve factors like population, rate of migration, technology etc.

The MPD-2041 will have to be notified before the existing MPD-2021 expires. After the quantitative analysis, the information and data which will be collected will be presented on a GIS platform to get a clear understanding of the interdependence of developmental matters in the city. A qualitative analysis will also accompany the quantitative one via stakeholder discussions with academia, experts, government agencies and community groups.

The MPD will also give a framework and suggest changes in the various sectors like, infrastructure, environment, housing, solid waste management and transportation. Once the plan gets the approval, it will be reviewed and analysed after every 5 years.