1A huge amount of Rs.20000 crore, which was meant for workers’ welfare, has seemingly disappeared. The strange thing lies in the fact that even the Comptroller and Auditor General has no idea about it and Supreme Court is still speculating that where has such a huge amount of money gone.

A PIL (Public Interest Litigation) has been heard in the court which was filed by an NGO named ‘National Campaign Committee for Central Legislation on Construction Labour’. It has accused that the required tax collected from the realty firms to use for the betterment and welfare of construction labours is not being used in the proper direction. This is because there is no fixed procedure to let the beneficiaries enjoy the benefits.

The Supreme Court carefully examined the affidavit and the report which was submitted by the CAG and labeled the facts as “quite startling’.

The bench of Justices has instructed the CAG to find out where the money has gone. They even got satirical as they asked the CAG of the money is spent on parties or vacations of officers.

The court has announced that the first and foremost thing to do is to determine the money collected from each and every state under the Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Cess Act, 1996.

If there is any amount found out to be collected but not passed on to the board, it will be passed on in a period of six months after informing the CAG. CAG has also been asked to bring all the necessary details before the next hearing on 2nd August.

While the hearing was in process, CAG’s legal adviser claimed that the money was lying with the states and a proper supervision should be provided to audit the accounts of construction workers’ welfare organizations.

Additional Solicitor General, in favour of central government, informed the Supreme Court that all the states have consolidated accounts and the amount received as cess can be easily found out.