homeThe East Civic Body has passed a decision in its budget. The decision was in favour of people above 70 years of age. They will now be relieved from paying property tax to the corporation from the next financial year. The same kind of decision was also recently passed by the North Corporation for residents above 80 years of age.

The decision of the house tax exemption was passed against the advice of executive wing that did not suggested any type of dispensation schemes.

Effectively, old people from age of 60 to 70 years will get a concession on property tax by 25%.

Also, residential properties up to 41.81 square meter, most of them belonging to the under privileged people are also kept under this scheme, as per Sanjay Jain, Leader of the House.

Rs. 192 per square meter was reduced to Rs. 100 per square meter which was levied on change of use of property as conversion charges.

Further, the corporation has estimated budget shortfall of over Rs. 2,100 Crore and over Rs. 1,500 Crore of unsettled payments of the contractors’ and employee amount outstanding.