Noida RoadsAs per the decision by the Noida Authority, repairing of potholes in Noida will be done using hot mix plants that are movable.

Because of the closing down of 21 large hot mix plants as per the instruction National Green Tribunal (NGT), the authority has to be dependent on the small plants for the construction of roads in Noida. National Green Tribunal had instructed the authorities of Noida and Greater Noida, the UPPCB (Uttar Pradesh pollution control board) and also the Police Department to have the sites of construction scrutinized for checking if they are causing pollution. All those causing pollution were to be seriously dealt with by the authorities. Hence, as a result, 21 plants were closed down which were supplying construction materials. This caused a hindrance in the repair of roads in Noida.

But, the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has given out orders to repair the roads of Noida along with the entire state to make it free from pot-holes.

A delay had been caused in the construction of roads in Noida due to the halt in supply of construction materials but now, repairing of roads in Noida has resumed with using small hot mix plants.

Potholes in sector 17, 18 and Atta Peer have already been repaired. The repairing of potholes in Noida will be carried out at night to avoid inconvenience to public and traffic.

Various roads of Noida are badly in need of construction. These include roads of sectors 104, 64, 63 and 93. To avoid the problems faced by the motorists, nine circle officers have been instructed to complete the repair of Noida roads.