inspection of land

The Noida Authority had recently formed enforcement squads to keep a check on the various segments of real estate projects. On Monday, these squads have started with their inspection in Noida of various brackets of land use. The squad comprising of 4 members scrutinized sectors 1-5 of the city for violations by the allottees as per the city-code.
According to the CEO of Noida Authority, the objective of the move is to encourage proper planning in the city.

This action was taken after the huge fire explosion that took place in a 4-storey building of sector 11 on 19th April. After investigation of the entire incident, they found that no clearance was received by the company from the fire department. Moreover, it had not even received the Occupancy Certificate from the Authority.

Because of such action of different squads keeping a check and control in the city, they will come to know whether the rules are being followed or not. Abidance of these rules which include building plans, layouts, building code, construction etc. will be ensured. Issuing of a show-cause notice will be done if anyone is found at fault. But, certain duration of time will be given to the defaulters to amend their mistakes.

On Monday, the same squads gave a surprised inspection visit to the industrial units in sectors 1-5. Post to the inspection, they concluded that most of the NOCs were received by the factories but were lacking the firefighting cylinders. Some cylinders were found to be empty, while some industrial units did not have their ground area vacant in situations of emergency. Some factories were even rented out without any approval from the Noida Authority.

The squad has noted down the breaking of every norm and the violations, and suitable action is most likely to be taken against these units if they fail to rectify their faults.