noidaThe audit of builders’ accounts has been demanded by the Noida homebuyers for a long time now as they are constantly waiting for the flats they invested in. The Authority had promised that proper audits would be undertaken but no such action has taken.

The Authority has committed to the homebuyers that it will investigate about the matter of funds being exhausted which were actually kept for the timely completion of projects.
But now, the authority has claimed that it is not their responsibility to conduct the audits.

The Authority officials have said that they do not have the sufficient work force to conduct an audit of funds taken from homebuyers by each and every builder. The NCR homebuyers should conduct an audit if their concerned builder’s accounts.

Several meetings have been held among the builders, homebuyers and the authority to look into the problems of ongoing projects, as per the orders from the Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath. The collective demand which came from the homebuyers was that an audit should be done of the builders’ accounts.

NCR Homebuyers have already paid 95% of the total cost of the flats but the developer has still not completed the project owing to financial crisis. Therefore, homebuyers are saying that if an audit is conducted, they will come to know that where the money paid by them went.