niti ayogLand titling authority has recently submitted some significant recommendations which shall be reviewed by a task force from various departments to be constituted as Niti Aayog. The time frame of 2 months has been allotted to the committee for the review purpose. The task force includes director of land records, director of commerce, director of legal affairs, members of urban development as well as the members of committee on land titling.

Currently, while providing for the registration of property documents and deed, the titles on the owners are not clear under the Central Registration Act (1908). The title remains presumptive as the probing of past transactions and ownerships of the property at the time of registration of property is not carried out in India.

To address the land titling status, a meeting was chaired by the Joint secretary to Prime Minister TV Somanathan at the Prime Minister’s office. Necessary amendments have been introduced for the central and state laws to assure complete ownership to the citizen of the country.

Post amendments, once the property is registered with the proposed centre authorized for land titling; a detailed title search shall be conducted including its past ownership, litigation and transaction history. It is considered as a major step to guarantee land titles as buyers will then have a clear understanding of ownership issues as they have past records of land as well.

Director of land records are authorized to prepare proposals for amendment in the Contract Act, Transfer Property Act. Relevant amendments to the provisions shall be notified to the states which will further implement the necessary changes in their land legislation.

Maharashtra is considering the proposal to implement amendments in Maharashtra Land Revenue Code and the state government would have to enact the legislation.