haryana project Haryana had encouraged the construction in Aravalis which has been prevented by the NCR planning board (NCRPB) as it is not fulfilled the demand of the state government. It has stated that the reasoning by the state government is not feasible as the restrictions are being followed since 2000.

A meeting was conducted by the urban development keeping in mind Haryana’s demand, between representatives from Haryana government, environment and forest ministry and NCRPB participated. Haryana has also been asked by the NCRPB to present viable and relevant reasoning for this case.

A proposal to make a change in the provision in the Regional Plan of NCR 2021 which allows the use of only 0.5% land falling in the Aravalis had been sent by the Haryana Government.
The government of Manohar Lal government had opposed this saying that NCRPB had given the approval for Aravali notification of 1992 saying that the entire range will be covered under it and therefore putting restrictions on the provision was not necessary. It also stated that the notification clearly mentions the activities which are allowed after the approval from ministry of forests and environment, and that is the reason there is no need to put one more restriction.

Till date, Gurgaon (Haryana) and Alwar (Rajasthan) are the areas covered under this notification.

According to the Regional Plan-2021, in areas of Natural Conservation Zones (including Aravalis), activities like horticulture, agriculture and recreational activities are allowed.