NCDRCA reduction in the already piled up cases of state and national consumer forums would have been beneficial, but Supreme Court has announced that homebuyers can file complaints against the builders through associations in National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).

Showing the door to the petition by some builders in Noida who were challenging the rights of a registered association of consumers filing complaints in NCDRC, the Supreme Court realized that the homebuyers are in a suffering position and need rescuing.  The complaint in NCDRC  by this registered consumer association was filed against these builders’ projects in Noida and was done in support of the various buyers.

The court has made clear that the builders have just taken the money from the buyers and are not handing over the possession to them. They are not even refunding the money to them.

Many helpless homebuyers have been heard of filing the complaints against property builders before NCDRC. In their defense, the builders stated that the association which is filing a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act should be recognized by the Bureau of India Standards- as speaks a source.

What is NCDRC?
The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission is a quasi in rem jurisdiction which was set up in India in 1988 under the consumer protection act (1986). NCDRC lists the rights of the consumers and helps them to protect those rights. It helps common consumers to seek fast paced redressals of their disputes in properties or goods valued above 1crore.