Parsvnath DevelopersThe Supreme Court has been recently told that there are chances of an understanding being achieved between Parsvanath Developers and Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. The settlement is in regards with the possession of a flat in Gurgaon which was being discussed for a while.

Both the counsels representing the respective parties have told the Justices that an agreement between them are to take place soon. The next date of hearing is as 10th April and the counsels are ordered to file the details of agreement on the same date.

The court was informed on 20th February that the settlement between Parsvanath Developers and MoS Rathore had almost taken place. The draft regarding the negotiations had also been exchanged between the two parties.

The court had appointed two lawyers to take into consideration the accusations made by MoS Rathore. According to the lawyers, the apartment given to him was unsuitable for living.

Then on 12th of January, there was information of an agreement and settlement being reached.

The Supreme Court had also suggested MoS Rathore to solve the matter and come to a settlement with the developers, in a harmonious manner. It had even asked the developers to work on the shortcomings and flaws in the flat which MoS Rathore was facing.

As per the sources, a flat had been booked by MoS Rathore in 2006 Parsvnath’s Exotica in Gurgaon. The delivery was expected in 2008-09 after he paid Rs.70 lakhs for it.

The developers had earlier been ordered to compensate MoS Rathore by refunding him the principal amount with the interest by the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).