The Maharashtra Housing Authority and Area Development Authority (MHADA) has extended the deadline to apply for the MHADA lottery, allowing buyers to purchase homes under Rs 50 lakh near Mumbai. The new deadline is April 19, as MHADA officials have upgraded their software to accommodate more applicants.

The new system eliminates the need for a Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana registration certificate and instead requires an income tax return certificate to be uploaded into the system to show the applicant’s income. The revised schedule allows for applications to be made until April 19 and earnest money to be deposited until April 21. The results of the lottery will be announced on May 10.

The homes available in the lottery range in price from Rs 14 lakh to Rs 50 lakh and are located in areas surrounding Kalyan, Thane, and Virar near Mumbai, and parts of Raigad district. The ready-to-move-in apartments come with standard amenities, including basic sanitary and electrical fittings, 24×7 water supply, elevators, and solar panels for electricity. MHADA has received 22,380 applications for 4,640 apartments and 14 plots in the annual lottery, and 11,693 applicants have deposited the earnest money.

MHADA’s rules state that any Indian citizen can apply for a house in the lottery provided they come under the prescribed income slab. The annual income cap for the Economic Weaker Sections category is Rs 6 lakh for those residing in Mumbai, Pune, and the Nagpur metropolitan region, and Rs 4.5 lakh for the rest of the state. For the Lower Income Group segment, the annual income is Rs 9 lakh for Mumbai, Pune, and the Nagpur metropolitan region, and Rs 7.5 lakh for the rest of the state. For the Middle Income Group, the income cap is Rs 12 lakh per annum across the state. Those with an annual income of over Rs 12 lakh are in the Higher Income Group category, for which there is no upper limit.

MHADA has made changes to the registration system page, addressing difficulties faced by female applicants while registering due to change of name, surname, or other reasons after marriage. The new option given to the applicant on the application registration system page will facilitate a smoother registration process.

Of the 4,640 apartments, 2,048 are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are located in the Virar area of the Palghar district near Mumbai. These homes are available for lower- and middle-income groups in the price range of Rs 23 lakh to Rs 49 lakh. The carpet area of these homes ranges from 320 square feet to 670 square feet.

The MHADA lottery offers a much-needed opportunity for low and middle-income groups to own homes in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. The previous deadline for applications was April 10, but the extension will provide more time for interested buyers to apply for the lottery. The lottery has seen a massive response, with over 22,000 applications already received. The changes made by MHADA are expected to make the application process smoother and more accessible for applicants.

The MHADA lottery presents an excellent opportunity for buyers to purchase affordable homes near Mumbai. The extended deadline provides more time for interested buyers to apply, and the changes made by MHADA are expected to make the application process smoother and more accessible.

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