SUPREME-COURTHomebuyers usually show reluctance in taking legal action against the builders as there are very high expenses in litigation for homebuyers. In such cases the homebuyers can be deprived of the justice. To prevent this injustice Supreme Court has recently set up a Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society. It brings down the legal expenses by 70%-80% for middleclass homebuyers who have an income of 7.5 lakhs per annum.

An individual just has to pay Rs.500 and Rs.700 as service charge and admission fees respectively. After this, he has to fill up the names of any three lawyers who are a part of this society and are willing to fight the case for him/her. These lawyers cannot charge more than Rs.14000 as their fees for fighting the case.

This is the first time that the middle class are applicable for legal aid, as earlier only poor were applicable for it. Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society has been formed as the supreme court has realized that it is difficult even for the middle class buyers to afford the high costs involved in litigation and everybody has the right to fight for justice.

When an individual will file a petition, the advocate will comprehend the case to decide if the case is appropriate to go to the Supreme Court. If the advocate seems irresponsible regarding the case, he will have to return the fees to the applicant along with the briefing. The name of advocate will also be removed from the list of legal panel of lawyers.

A real estate regulator should also be executed by the government in an organised manner so that the disputes and issues of homebuyers are resolved.

The formation of Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society is a very helpful and wise step in the favour of middle class but the only challenge that can come up is the negligence of the lawyers towards the cases of this society in comparison to the his regular cases.