In response to the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), real estate developers in Jaipur are now offering charging units in their upcoming residential projects. Recognizing the future potential of EVs, developers are installing these charging points, considering them common spaces within the complex.

Dhirendra Madan, a real estate developer and president of CREDAI Rajasthan, stated that EVs are the future, and it is expected that residential complexes will soon have more electric vehicles than those powered by petrol, diesel, or CNG.

Residents who own electric vehicles will have the convenience of charging their vehicles at these units on a rotational basis, with the cost of electricity consumption being covered by the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) from the monthly maintenance fees paid by residents. This move aims to make EV charging easily accessible and affordable for residents.

Experts in the electric vehicle industry highlight the availability of two types of chargers: basic chargers provided by vehicle manufacturers along with the car, and advanced chargers that can be purchased separately or accessed from strategic charging points across the city. The provision of advanced chargers within residential complexes is seen as a positive step, as these chargers are faster and more efficient. They enable residents to charge their vehicles quickly, with minimal energy consumption.

Officials from the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) mention that several building plans have been submitted recently, including provisions for vehicle charging units. While such provisions are mandatory for Green Buildings according to building by-laws, many builders are going beyond the requirements and incorporating EV charging facilities even in regular residential complexes. This trend reflects the increasing focus on sustainable and future-oriented infrastructure within the real estate sector in Jaipur.

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