Bhim and adhaar integration

Government is planning for a drastic change in payment method. Now, it has taken an initiative to make the Aadhaar card a universal transaction ID. A newly launched applicatio – Bharat Interface for Money is to be linked with Aadhaar Card – confirms the government.

The govt. will reveal a unique feature for payments by using Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app. Here, users will be asked to enter their 12-digit Aadhaar card number. People will be introduced with this new transaction system in a couple of weeks. The payment method will become smooth, easy and seamless, if the integration between BHIM app and Aadhaar card is implemented.

Bank registration or any prior biometric authentication is not required, if the Aadhaar card holder log into the app by entering their 12-digit ID number. This is applicable for the users whose bank accounts are integrated with Aadhaar card. Approximately, one-third of Indian has their Aadhaar card number registered with bank accounts. Therefore, any individual like – carpenters, plumbers, large service providers, or entrepreneurs can receive payments for their services directly into their bank accounts. Well, the people might not be on BHIM app, but, their account should be linked to Aadhaar card. This entire statement was pointed out by the chief executive of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Mr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey.

Integration with BHIM app will make the payment mode hassle-free. Moreover, right now UIDAI is working with the National Payments Corporation of India and other banks. UIDAI is expecting to unveil this transaction system in the next few weeks. BHIM app has five transaction options. The payment options are like bank account IFSC code, mobile number and many others. However, the sixth one will be the 12-digit Aadhaar card number. Mr. Pandey has mentioned that there might be some problems to deal in. But, they are working on the matter and expecting to strengthen the security very soon.