Supertech After two weeks of Allahabad High Court instructing the Greater Noida Industrial Authority to shut the extra residential units which are developed in Supertech Czar Suites of Greater Noida, the allottees who have their flats sealed, have been instructed to reach to the GNIDA to get their flats de-sealed.

The court has given out these instructions when the GNIDA had filed a detailed report of the project (Supertech Czar Suites of Greater Noida) in the court. The decision bench has sent the issue to the state government to take some proper action. The state government will also discard the revised sanction plan which was submitted by Supertech. This will be done in regard to the law and without being affected by the previous orders of the High Court. In the previous month, a total of 882 flats and villas were sealed by the GNIDA as per the High Court Orders.

The order by the high court clearly mentioned that the details given by the developer were not up to the mark. The facts and figures were false about the number of flats that have already been allotted or are in possession or even the number of flats that are not allotted.

The officials of Supertech have said that they completely respect the decision by the High Court and will abide by it.

The next date of hearing in the court is 10th July, 2017.