modiThe homebuyers’ group which had taken strong steps towards the implementation of Real Estate Regulation Law (RERA) is now again making efforts to improve the situation for homebuyers.  They have made an appeal in writing to the Prime Minister, to find measures which do not include the support of private builders for executing the vision for Housing for All.

According to the homebuyers’ group, they are insecure that the builders can use their goodwill for their advantage that will prove to be negative for homebuyers. This is because builders can deceive homebuyers using their name and will work towards the motive of profits and not providing homes.

The president of RERA has told the PM to be cautious of these private builders who are a part of Housing for All, because so many people have lost their entire savings owing to these builders.

This serious letter was sent and appeal was made by the Flat Buyers’ group after the affordable housing schemes by CREDAI were launched by the Union Housing Minister. CREDAI stands for Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India and is the highest body which represents private real estate developers.

The flat buyers’ group has also brought to highlight the various criminal and legal cases which are going on against these builders for duping homebuyers and delaying the delivery of flats after taking the complete payment. The group is shocked that the government has not taken any stringent measures to select the builders to be a part of Housing for All. Had they done it, the fly-by-night buyers would have been filtered out who have cheated so many helpless homebuyers.

The letter which the homebuyers’ have written also focuses on the fact that the prime motive of  private builders is to earn profit, which is totally opposite to what the motive of affordable housing is. In the model that the government has prepared for affordable housing, no restriction has been made on the pricing of housing units. If the government operates their very own Public Sector Undertakings, prices will be regulated which in turn will not dissolve the essence of the Affordable Housing.