protests-homebuyersThere was a protest carried out by around 70 homebuyers against the authority of Greater Noida when the CEO refused to meet them.

The homebuyers comprising of many residential projects, which included, Dream Valley of Amrapali, Supertech’s Eco Village, Gaursons and others wanted to have an interaction with the CEO to discuss several problems that they are facing.

The homebuyers got aggressive when the police constables supposedly started shoving them out of the office. This anger and agitation led to the protests by the homebuyers and it only came to an end when the CEO gave his approval to meet them.

Homebuyers from Gaur City and Supertech’s Eco Village are facing the issue of constant traffic jams at Crossings Republic and Kisan Chowk.

The homebuyers brought forward issues such as the requirement for foot over-bridges, to make the people get back their money invested in duped projects and the connectivity of Metro in Greater Noida west. They have also demanded a three-way meeting between the builders, homebuyers and the Greater Noida Authority.

The CEO has said the all the problems of homebuyers will be seriously looked into and addressed. But he also stated that if they get violent, the police will have to intervene.