FarmersThe staff of Noida Authority has been instructed by the CEO to prepare a list of all the farmers who are entitled to be allotted housing plots as per the land compensation schemes.

According to the policy, when the authority acquires land from farmers for the purpose of urbanization, it has to allot a 5% of that total land to the farmers as a residential plot.

20,000 hectares of agricultural land has been acquired by the authority for industrialization and urbanization, since 1976. But, there are hundreds of farmers who are still waiting to be allotted their promised share of approximately 5%.

Therefore, the Land Records Department of the Authority has been instructed by the CEO to review and prepare a list of all such farmers who are waiting to receive their 5% residential plot. When the list is prepared and approved, farmers will be allotted the plots accordingly.

The officials of the Authority have been instructed with the action only after the farmers took their plea to and complaint about the entire matter to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. The officials have also been accused by the farmers of being involved in the practice taking bribe to allot the plots.

The CEO has ensured that he will take it upon himself to make the farmers get their plots as soon as possible and without any inconvenience.