DLF-BuildingDLF, a leading name in the real estate sector, will witness a rise in its rental income this fiscal year. The DLF Rental Income is expected to reach Rs.2900 crore (12 per cent) owing to better outputs from present commercial assets and new properties being added in Delhi and Chennai.

The total DLF Rental Income earned by the largest real estate was Rs.2600 crore in the previous fiscal year.

The reason behind the rise in rentals is that the leasing agreement has expired after nine long years and the current stocks have been renewed by the company at more value.

Apart from this, an area of 1 million square feet will also be added in Delhi and Chennai during this fiscal year.

The quality of the malls and buildings provided by DLF along with the sustainability and safety makes most of the tenants renew their leases at the market rates once their term expires.

On one hand the residential segment is undergoing a huge downfall in terms of demand; while on the other hand, the commercial segment of real estate is actually witnessing a rise.