DUAlong with the decision of building a new campus for Law Faculty in Dwarka, Delhi University has also decided to purchase DDA apartments. These DDA flats which will cost 150 crores will be converted into hostels and staff quarters for students and staff members respectively.

These proposals have been approved by the Executive Council which happens to be the highest and most important decision making body of Delhi University. According to the sources, the administration had set up a committee on 25th February 2017, to make some appropriate changes to the proposal of purchasing unsold DDA properties in Dwarka. This committee had been set up to not let the planned grant of Rs.150 crores to expire.

There are still some procedures to be followed for getting the approval of DDA flats for Delhi University Hostels. Most importantly, is still has to go through the Finance Committee. The responsibility of purchasing is under the Union Government and the planned grant.

This expected new colony of the university will have hostels for students as well as the staff members. And the best part is that the land near this colony also belongs to Delhi University, which will be the location for the new campus for Law Faculty.

The Executive Council also had few teachers’ representatives who have demanded the dissolution of the committee to contemplate on the issue of granting autonomy to the constituent colleges of the university. According to them, such panels have no relevance in terms of statutory authorisation.

As says the source, this “autonomous colleges scheme” is merely a way of privatising and commercialising education in the Delhi University. The university is pushing this issue due to the orders from the central government but the implementation of the scheme should completely be avoided.