New Delhi: In its 2024-25 Budget presented on Monday, the Delhi government has earmarked Rs 500 crore for the expansion and improvement of the Delhi Metro, with Finance Minister Atishi highlighting that over 60 lakh individuals now utilize the service daily. Atishi revealed that in 2014, the daily ridership was around 24 lakh passengers.

Presenting the budget with a total outlay of Rs 76,000 crore, Atishi emphasized the government’s commitment to providing quality public transportation to every resident of Delhi.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, significant strides have been made in enhancing the public transportation sector in Delhi, she noted.

From a total of 193 kilometers of metro network and 143 stations in March 2015, the Delhi Metro has expanded significantly over the past nine years, with the network doubling to 393 kilometers and the number of stations increasing to 288, Atishi added.

Highlighting the exponential growth, Atishi reiterated that while around 24 lakh passengers traveled daily on the metro in 2014, today, the number has surged to over 60 lakh commuters. The Delhi Metro now serves every corner of Delhi, extending its reach to areas such as the Tikri border, Samaypur Badli, Tikri Kalan, Badarpur border, and Shiv Vihar.

“In this financial year, I propose an outlay of Rs 500 crore for the Delhi Metro,” she announced.

The Delhi Metro stands as the largest and busiest rapid transit system in India, seamlessly connecting the country’s capital region with its satellite cities.

Operated by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, a public sector company established jointly by the government of India and the government of Delhi in May 1995, the metro system continues to be a vital lifeline for millions of commuters in the National Capital Region.

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