bajaj finservIt is a widely known fact that Bajaj Finserv is one of the most diverse and dynamic financial companies in India. Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv’s lending service, will be offering home loans at the interest rate of just 8.69 percent, between 13th March and 19th March.

If you have been waiting to buy very first property or if you want to enjoy the benefits of lower interest rates by transferring the balance amount of your home loan, then Bajaj Finserv is offering the most suitable opportunity possible to buy that dream home of yours!

Buying a home is a very significant part and decision of your life which involves a lot of research and comprehensions. And when financing for the same, you can’t settle for something which is just satisfactory, you have the right to look for the best. but you can end your search as Bajaj Finserv is offering special interest rates along with various other benefits such as speedy disbursals, instant approval and much more.

Believe us when we say this – Bajaj Finserv will process and approve the application of your home loan within just 5 minutes! It is their promise! You can organize your expenses also with the 3-EMI Holiday.

You don’t even have to leave your home or workplace for the process of home loan application. If the criteria set for the home loan eligibility is met by you, then your application will be approved in just five minutes! Their representative will guide and help you after that.

If you think this is where the benefits end, they definitely do not! If you have exhausted all your money last year to buy a property, then you have the refinancing option too.

It is a time taking decision to buy a house. And therefore, along with the home loans, other expenses like renovation, furniture, painting etc. should also be considered with it.

Don’t miss this ‘special interest rates’ offer by Bajaj Finserv as it is valid only from 13th March to 19th March!