The urban development department concluded that 35% of buildings that are surveyed are illegal. Buildings are constructed without BU permissions.

AHMEDABAD: The urban development department conducted a sample survey for three months and 8,320 buildings were surveyed. All the buildings including residential, commercial and highrises together with the special category buildings like hospitals, Nagar Palika and corporations were surveyed and the survey concluded that 35% of the structures are illegal.

There are several reasons for that like addiction to floors, changes in the use of the building.

The urban development department has suggested government that an ordinance can be brought out with certain ‘conditions’ for property owners to surmount this legal hurdle.

A senior official commented “The suggestion will be submitted to the high court before the department officially pursues it. The goal is minimum damage,”

The survey had commenced in January and 1000 buildings in Surat,1050 in Ahmedabad, 800 in Vadodara, and 750 in Rajkot were surveyed for BU permissions.

A list of the key features examined in the survey are mentioned below :

1 – Width of the road in front of the structure

2- Ownership of land ( whether it belongs to state or private individuals)

3- Use of the building and change in the use of the building etc.

A senior AMC official commented “There were instances where AUDA in Ahmedabad was charging unauthorized development fee but was not giving BU permissions. Several of these buildings now have extra floors for which there is no BU nod,”

There is also the issue of the implementation of the provision made by central law, the Clinical Establishment Act, 2010.

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