vaastu tipsHuman beings are surrounded by certain norms and beliefs.  Not merely India but other countries, like China, also take care of Feng Shui and likewise follows.  Offering prayers to gods, following protocols set by them, and performing certain practices make us think positive.

One such traditional practice in India is Vaastu-shastra! It is the “science of architecture” and it is believed that deep analysis of architecture and designs is done before launching the property.  Certainly, future aspects of people using the property depends very much on Vaastu compliance.

A property, whether residential or commercial, is important to the owner as years-long of savings have been invested in its purchase. But, at the same time, some owners who believe in Vaastu do demand for Vaastu-compliant properties.

But, what if you were given a choice between a beautiful and affordable property that is non-compliant to Vaastu and a property that is expensive but compliant to Vaastu? Here some of you may prefer the property price over Vaastu while some would like to buy Vaastu-compliant property. Well, it depends upon the importance of Vaastu in a property.

Can Vaastu Norms be Avoided?
Experts say that Vaastu imperfections are quite common and can exist in almost every home because nobody is perfect and properties are no different. As we always find measures to repair the damage, Vaastu imperfections can also be “repaired”. So, when buying a property, one can accept a good offer even if some Vaastu flaws in property do exist. It is not every day one can get offer to buy property at good rate.

Nevertheless, one should not get so carried away with the offer that he ignores even the basic requirement of Vaastu norms. Some basic fulfilments in regards with Vaastu are:
1. The plot of the property should have a square shape.
2. There should not be any cut in the construction, especially in north-east direction.
3. Property should not be such that is faces south-west direction.
4. Make sure Bathroom and kitchen constructions are not in north-east direction.

Some owners are generally seen blaming Vaastu for everything that goes wrong in their professional and personal life, which is totally preposterous. Any repair needs money and so, does the Vaastu imperfection. So, take help from a Vaastu expert and analyse what amount will be required to rectify the Vaastu errors. This will help the buyer to interpret the overall money which he will be spending and help him make the correct decision.