summer friendly 1Summers! The most dreaded time of the year is already here and is already in its complete form to torture us with the scorching heat. ACs and coolers have become our best friends without whom imagining life is difficult. But being dependent on them 24*7 can be a little heavy on your pockets because of the electricity bills. So why not initiate a friendship between summers and your bedroom? Yes, you can make summer-friendly bedroom at your own with some really simple tips to make it cool and comfortable (not to mention, giving a relief to your electricity bills too)!

Here are some really simple ways to make your bedroom summer –friendly –
•To make the summers really cool, you have to opt for cool colours like lime and mint so that they are able to absorb more and more heat.

•Summers are about floral prints and the same should be followed for prints of bed-sheets also. Small floral prints in soft colours should be chosen in summers. You can even go for striped light-coloured patterns which look uber cool.

•All the linen things present in your summer-friendly bedroom should be washed in detergents that are soft and have a refreshing fragrance. Wash them every fortnight.

•Cotton is the best comforter in summers and therefore it should be adopted by everybody in their bedrooms. All the furnishings should be infused with cotton as they absorb sweat as well as are safe and soft for skin.

•Curtains play a huge role in the house. For summer bedrooms, they should be hung in a double layered form in the lightest and most subtle colour possible. They will prevent the sunlight from entering the bedroom and will also maintain a serene atmosphere.

•Rugs and carpets have a certain amount of heaviness attached to them as they create unnecessary heat in summers which can be very discomforting. So, pack up all the carpets and rugs for the summers and ditch them!