topHaving your own place with your spouse and most importantly your kids is one of the most amazing things in life you can have. You can choose the interiors, decorate it the way you want and paint the colours of your choice. But with kids being in the picture, there are some limitations that enter! No delicately fragile decorative near the child, proper storage or boxes to keep toys so that the kids do not keep tripping on them and no sharp cornered items peeping out from anywhere. These are just some of the very basic things you follow as a responsible parent to ensure the safety of your children.

But we can’t live in a house where everything is plastic wrapped! Everybody wants some kind of elegance and style in their homes! So here are a few tips to strike out a balance between the safety of your child and the design of your home!

Just follow these easy and simple tips to build your home into a child-friendly one –

1.Fabrics which are stain resistant should be usedchild-friendly homeNo matter how much you teach them or scold them, the universal truth is that children are going to be messy. They will wipe their dirty hands from the bed-sheet or clean their face with the beautiful linen curtains. But you neither have to go crazy nor have to shout at your innocent child, after anything of this sort happens. Plenty of fabrics are available in the market, which are stain resistant which you should always choose.

2.Go for furniture that serves double purpose2child-friendly homeWith babies comes more responsibility and of course more STUFF! Toys, more clothes and not to mention diapers, all these things make your home overflow with things! So you have to find furniture that has a lot of storage space and can take away all the unnecessary clutter. The kind of functional furniture that works in more than one way is the best option for a home with kids.

3.Safe accessories should be chosen3child-friendly homeAccessories should be kept out of reach of children. Remove them from the coffee table and shift them to shelves which are higher. This is because kids, out of curiosity, have a tendency to grab attractive things and play with them! Either keep the low-heighted tables empty or keep simple things which won’t attract children. Keep following this unless and until your children are old enough to understand manners.

4.Choose heavy furniture which is not very leggyThe idea behind using heavy furniture is that the children should not be able to push the furniture, because if they are able to do so, it will become their favourite game! Choose furniture that is properly grounded.

5.User-Friendly Rugs5child-friendly homeSpilled milk or soft drink can be cleaned easily but if it spreads all over the rug, it can be annoying. So to avoid this, always buy rugs that are easy to clean or wash. Go for Persian rugs or rugs made of natural fiber. They are easy to clean and can even hide a stain.

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