Wind chimesFor some, monsoons are the best time of the year with all the drenching in rains, sipping a cup of tea while sitting in the balcony or just lazily watching rain pour! But some, on the other hand, find rainy very days very gloomy and boring. This is exactly what happens inside the home too as home décor becomes dark and depressing. And this can bring your mood down without any reason. So we have brought some simple tips to brighten up your home this monsoon!

1.Colour effectcolor effectsSince monsoons bring gloominess and colours are all about brightness, what can be a better option to brighten up your home! Bring home rugs and cushions in vibrant colours and place all around the house. You will be amazed to see the difference it brings in the entire décor!

2.Candles with FragrancesCandles with FragrancesMonsoon brings with it a lot of unwanted moisture and obviously a pungent smell with it. The best way to get rid of this smell is keep some candles with fragrances at handy places such as side tables, center tables etc. The refreshing fragrances are sure to uplift your mood and improve the ambience inside the home.

3.FlowersFLOWERSay goodbye to artificial flowers and welcome some fresh flowers home! Put these huge vases to some use and put fresh roses, lilies or any other flower of your choice in them. It will uplift your mood, relieve your stress and will also liven up the area.

4.Green inside your homeGreen inside your homeOne of the best things about monsoons is greenery! So why not take full advantage of it in your home. Yes, we are asking you to bring green plants indoors. The icing on the cake would be to keep these plants in coloured and attractive pots which will liven up the space and plants will obviously make the atmosphere refreshed.

5.Wind chimesWind chimesMonsoons are apparently the best time to buy wind chimes. Because of the constant breeze flowing, you can hang them on your balconies or windows to let the music from them calm your senses.

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