topAre you a person who hates to dispose of things because you have memories attached to them? If you just throw away your old belongings, then just use them. Remember how you were taught to recycle and reuse as many things as possible? This is the perfect time to apply it in real life if you want to hoard memories! Confused? Don’t be, because now you can redecorate and revamp your living space with cool couches and that to from simply recycling old products! Get creative with these really innovative ideas to make couches from recycled products and perk up your décor!
Here we go –

1.Bathe In The Couch!Bathe In The Couch!Gave your bathroom a makeover and are left with an old bathtub lying in the store room and nothing to do with it? You can use it with just as much comfort as it was used with in your bathroom by turning it into a couch! Give a contrasting touch by painting it with bright or neon colours and teaming it up with printed cushions. And lo behold! Your bathtub couch is ready! It would be an icing on the cake if you have a bathtub with claw-foot as it will give an ultra-cool kind of charm!

2.Pallet CouchesPallet CouchesNo matter how absurd it may sound, pallet couches can add so much style and character to your living space. Keep two or even three oversized pallet couches in your living room and see the difference for yourself! Choose deep and subtle colours with really funky cushions to soothe every mood of yours!

3.Refrigerator Couchfridge chouchWe know that is one of the craziest recycle ideas that you must have come across but believe us, it is also the coolest! With the growing technology in electronic home appliances, we tend to replace them after every few years. And same is the case with the refrigerators or fridges. What to do with them? You can’t just send all these as secondhand items every time. So just ‘COUCHIFY’ them! Take out all the shelves from the fridge, secure the sides and you can use it according to your liking. Don’t forget to use rich and expensive fabrics and cushions to keep the classiness alive!

4.Baby’s Bed Couchbaby chuchKids have that thing; they give us so many memories that we just can’t throw away their toys, clothes and what-not! And crib remains one of the most special belongings of your child while growing up. But now, you can keep it with your forever by converting it into your very own couch. You can use it as a sofa or even a casual day-bed. Put lots of small pillows to make it look cozy and comfortable. You can fill up the empty spaces of your house with these captivating crib couches! Apart from these crib couches adding the rusting charm to your home, you will notice yourself reliving all the memories of your child!

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