NRI with Internet

Internet, for NRIs, is as a technological bliss. Not just it helps them connecting with people, allowing online transactions but also a medium of valuable information. Taking of NRIs searching for property, this medium can be trusted but you simply cannot rely on the information available online for making a purchase decision. A number of things need to be considered when an NRI buyer is looking for investing in Indian real estate market.  What is of prime importance when entering into a property deal is physically inspecting the same. However it is quite unfortunate to note that NRIs consider it impractical to come all the way and get the property inspected physically.

Factors that led the developers to ensure online presence
The ignorant attitude or laziness on part of the NRIs when it is all about inspecting the property is what that has led to the Indian realty developers to increase their presence online. In order to grab the interest of the NRIs in real estate, these realty developers are taking up to all forms of advertisement thus leaving no ground untouched. What has given rise to the interest of the NRIs in searching and buying property online is the opportunity that they enjoy in connecting to the developers directly via the online advertisements. The digital medium indeed has proved to be an ideal forum for connecting the NRIs to the Indian real estate market market.

Why is the online medium looked upon by NRIs when making realty purchase decision?
Undertaking a survey on the reason for the preference of NRIs on the online medium for purchasing home, it has been estimated that the same is because of the opportunities it lend them in developing interactive sessions with the realty developers. Being far away from the country, it is hardly possible for them to come here and get their preferred property inspected. Hence, they rely on the online medium for checking the same. Upon finding the same of their choice, they go ahead connecting the developer. Hence while they use the online platform for reaching the Indian realty estate developers, these developers too utilize the same forum for establishing connection with Indians abroad.

Debate that Prevails
Some believe that the online platform is just capable of establishing communication between the developers and the NRIs but the same cannot influence one’s purchasing decision. Even though the developers are trying to maintain their good name over the internet and help the NRIs in every possible way with the deal but still these NRIs need a friend or family member who is a locale and can take a look over various facts like the developer’s goodwill, work quality, infrastructure of the building to be bought and others. A realty deal can be called successful only when it is finalized after cross-verification.