Home Buyers wish for homePeople have unique tastes, desires and sense of style when it comes to buying a home. But, according to real-estate industry observers – the most and least desired features seemed to be the same for the homebuyers. It would be the best if buyers have access to communicate with the builders throughout the project’s lifecycle. Most of the homebuyers wish to bee free from the issues like – hidden charges, fiscal mismanagement of the builders and moreover problems related to builders-buyers agreement leads to lack of trust. Also, the homebuyers wish the removal of transfer charges that sometime appears to be too high for them. Often, the top management involves in the execution of the project and communicates with the buyers.

The Top Seven Features in Homebuyer’s Wish List:
A major part of the homebuyers in India believe that if trust deficit between the buyers and the builders can be sorted out, then the whole matter can bridge to a considerable extent. In that case, the developers have to come forward for a dialogue to understand the homebuyers’ point of view. However, people feel that good communication with the developers can unfold all the troubles. Thereafter, the problems like policy paralysis, delaying in project completion and other major issues can get resolved. One may buy a home to live or use it as an investment. But, it is important to ensure that the buyer is getting their part of financial satisfaction. A round-up list of features that every homebuyer wishes to have while purchasing a home is noted:

• While buying a home, it is important that the individuals are not feeling financially overstretched.
• A fair agreement with indemnities is highly appreciated from the buyers’ end, in case of delay in the project completion and/or poor workmanship etc.
• Buyers want easy maintenance where they don’t have to pay attention to any hidden problems.
• There must be equal penalty for delay in project completion.
• Additionally, the buyers give value to the project that doesn’t install any hidden or escalation charges.
• People expect to have the right to a full refund within 30 days of booking.
• Also, the buyers want the right to see all approvals in place and a title assurance as well.

Building a home is like preparing nest for your future eggs. Hence, make sure the buyer is comfortable with the maintenance and staging costs. Also, a buy-back offer from the builders would satisfy needs of the homebuyers in India!