2017-06-01Marketing is one of the most effective ways one can get a business rolling. When marketing meets Real Estate, the result is more fruitful. Real Estate Marketing can be done in the five best ways.

• Market through the best marketing tool and that is you
• Network marketing
• Market through online portals
• Direct Mail Marketing
• Unique Marketing Funnel

Market through you
People generally tend to forget and accept that fact that there is nothing as great as marketing through the person in you. Remember, you are a brand for your products and services and buyers need to identify your name with the products and services that you have for the consumers or buyers. When you are marketing yourself, remember not to over promise. This is the biggest mistake real estate marketers do. Represent who you are with a touch of professionalism and knowledge on the domain. People will automatically start trusting you and the brand you have recently created. Being honest is the only way you will climb the ladder of success. If any day, you are caught being fake and misrepresenting, the day will not be far when people will start losing trust and the business you were planning to start shatters.

Get honest, get real and get presenting what you can offer in the best possible manner rather than representing a false story. Maintain your integrity in any situation and also the professionalism that people crave to see in the Master of Real Estate.

Rightly quoted by Douglas Thomas, “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”.

Network Marketing
This aspect of marketing has been touched upon by many of the Real Estate Gurus. If you have a good network, nothing can come your way. When you are networking, you are thinking about it in every interaction you have with people. It is through networking that people get to know each other and form groups of a common interest in various platforms.

Some of the places where you can network with people are clubs, office dinner parties, club houses, wedding, anniversary and much more. A good marketer is known for the networking skills and that differentiates the person from other marketers. What can work as icing on the cake is leaving a business card or official card with your company details and your personal details on it.

Trust me! Many people have been proved to have contacted people a few months after the last meeting and that closes in a deal. That’s the impact one can have with a valued networking. It can also be termed as “metworking”.

Marketing through Online Portals
Online portals are getting quite popular with the growing demand of social media. Make yourself available on various social media platforms or professional platforms with common interest. Engage in various question answers that can make you and your business be visible to the rest of the world. You can try these options for a better online marketing.

•Owning a website with every detail that a customer would like to know
•Social Media presence can be of immense help. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and much more
•Start blogging and attract traffic. With more traffic, you get more business

Many people have taken to creating ads on social media. It is not complicated. Even you can do this.

You can choose Facebook ads or Instagram ads with a nominal charge for your purpose and choose your audience for the ad to be displayed.

You can also opt for Pay per Click ads. With any of the advertisement methods, ensure that you have a title and the first tag line that creates the best impact ever.

Marketing Funnel
This is another important method of marketing where you have customized plans for a better running of your business. The respond initially can be disappointing but that’s for the initial phase. Ensure to tweak with every step of the funnel. Keep a close track on the funnel you have designed. This way you will have a better perspective on what needs to be done and what can be avoided.

Direct Mail Marketing
The name itself suggests that it is direct marketing. This process gets your product mails delivered to the person or company directly. Many do find it as an aggressive marketing stunt but don’t worry as long as the purpose is heard and felt by the audience, you are doing it right. Your ultimate goal is to get more people reading it and act on it rather than react. Give an attractive title to the email and a subject line that’s catchy. Don’t you read an email that has a subject line that is luring? The same applies here. You can also send letters to the mailbox with a short note. Mailboxes are checked frequently and I am sure if you have a good note sent, people will respond.

The audience you send your mails to should be checked and listed first. You can’t send it to a non-perspective target. Know your audiences well before you send direct mails.