converting agriculture land into residentialThe land which is authorized for agricultural use cannot be utilized for residential properties. Even if you are the owner of the land, you still cannot build a home for yourself to live in. The conversion of agricultural land into residential one has to be done before the construction starts. Various states have adopted various measures for this conversion. When a property is being considered for purchase, the use of that land should be mandatorily checked that whether it is residential or not. If initially the land was authorized for the agricultural purposes, then the conversion should have been done to residential purpose.

The conversion of agricultural land to industrial or residential land can be done through depositing a fee. When the local authorities give their required approval, a “change of land use” can be obtained. An application has to be written to the Commissioner of the Land Revenue Department, justifying the reason for getting the land converted.

Apart from the application, there are other certain documents also which need to attached –
• Mutation letter
• ID proof
• Tax paid receipts (latest)
• Sale deed (original)
• Certified Survey Map

The amount of fee which has to be paid for the conversion of the land depends on the location and nature of the property.

All the other important details like the list of different owners, the type of soil and the crops grown, extent of land etc. also need to be mentioned. There should be no outstanding dues and if there are any, they should be paid off completely and the proof showing the payment should also be attached. The concerned authority (it may be deputy or district commissioner or collector) will then give the permission to convert the land only if he is completely content with the conditions being met and is sure that the land doesn’t hold any other legal issues with it. Both – a conversion order for land which permits the land use change and a conversion certificate- will be issued.

You will be issued a Record of Rights and Tenancy Certificate (RTC) by the revenue department which you have to submit in original. Other things which need to be submitted are –
• A photocopy of the land atlas which also mentions the dimensions of the land to be converted (should be properly attested by the Department of Survey Settlement and Land Records)
• Revenue Survey Map of the village (photocopy) which shows the location of the land to be converted.
• Site plan proposal