lucky plantsWith the ample varieties of plants available to give enticing look to your home decor, why not to choose the ones which are considered as lucky plants for home as well? Following are some of the plants that not only make your home exotic but also have some Feng Shui relevance as well:

Morning Glory
morning gloryMorning glory is the plant of peace and harmony. It is believed that this plant brings harmony, peace and happiness hence considered good to be used as home decor. Even its seeds under your pillow discourage nightmares and encourage restful sleep.

Lotus at homeBesides adding serene beauty, Lotus flowers when paired with Lilies bring purity and luck to your place. Although it requires maintenance and diligent attention as the wilted, dead or dying parts of the plants should be removed periodically to maintain the positive vibes.

Lucky Bamboo
lucky bambooDon’t go with its name as this plant is not just a bamboo and had a great Feng Shui significance. Different arrangements are available signifying different relevance, say three stalks represents happiness, four are for happiness and longevity and so on. To seek blessings of enduring health and wealth, stalks are considered ‘luckiest’.

English Ivy
English IvyThis plant proficiently controls formaldehyde from paint and carpets as well as remove benzene found in plastics. The trailing vines of ivy also help in softening ‘poison arrows’ that point at you.

Jade Plant
Jade Plant Feng Shui followers believe that the plant with round leaves bring good fortune and hence, this plant becomes the lucky plant for home with this aspect. Generally used for gifting purposes to new business owners, it should be placed near the entrances to bring success and prosperity.

Money Plant:

money plantTrue lucky plant for money. These plants are braided together and believed to bring the growers luck. In case you are lucky, you will get ‘three’ or ‘five’ braided plants as number ‘four’ is considered unlucky under Feng Shui.

palmsPerfect in removing formaldehyde and xylene from carpeting, these plants can be used as excellent room-dividers. It is believed that these plants activate any missing element under Feng Shui within room.

PhilodendronTo add an emotion to a cold and dark area of your home, this Feng Shui plant is considered best as it contains a fire element which is represented by its heart-shaped leaves. This plant grows well under sunlight as well as under artificial lights, hence easy to maintain.

Rubber Plants
Rubber PlantThis is the Feng Shui plant for money. The most apt place for rubber plants is at the ‘wealth area’ of your home. As the leaves of this plant are round in shape, it is considered good to bring abundance wealth and good wealth to your home.

orchidsAssociated with the virility and fertility, these plants represent love. A great gift to new parents, these plants is considered best to attract love, deepen friendships and soothe the soul.

Peace Lily
peace lilyThese pleasant white flowers are perfect to bring aura to your living and drawing room areas. As this plant grows well under artificial lights, you need not to look for the places which receive good sunlight within house.

Take advice from experts and find the right plant for your home that is lucky for you in all terms.

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