imageWhen you are living in a rental home, there is a swinging sword constantly in front of you which reminds you that you might have to leave the home soon. That completely justifies not spending much on the décor of the place. But does that mean your cannot look beautiful and creative? Of course not! Even without burning a hole in your pocket, you can let your creativity get the best of you and make your rental place feel like home!

So we have brought some fabulous ideas to make your rental place feel like your own!
1.Lighting FixturesLighting FixturesIf the lighting fixtures which you already got fitted in the place are not of your choice, then feel free to change them! Replace them by simply unscrewing the previous ones and screwing the new ones of your choice. Lighting plays a very important role in a house as it can easily affect your mood! But be careful that you original fixtures safe in some place.

2.PaintDecorating IdeasPaint will always sound clichéd, but the impact of a thing makes it clichéd! When the landlords hand over the flat, they use a very basic shade of white paint. But what we forget is that white also comes in different tones! So choose the tone of white which you think is the best for you! Obviously, you can’t experiment with bright colours in a rental home but various shades of white will come to your rescue.

3.Plantsplant nPlants have some freshness and happiness attached to them. And keeping them in your rental space is sure to light up the place like your own! Buy plants that will enhance the interiors of your home.

4.RugsRugsThe best part about rugs is that they are handy and can completely change the look of a room! But what has to be focused upon is the size of the rug. If a rug is too tiny for a room, it will make the room look strange. And similarly, if it is too big for a small room, it will make the room look claustrophobic.

5.Tiles to stick-onTiles to stick-onStick-on tiles are probably one of the most creations in home décor! So you can easily the replace the dull and boring tiles with some bright stick-on ones!

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