carpet, built-up, super built-up areasCarpet area, built-up area and super built-up area make the total area of a house. Before investing in properties on area basis, know about these terms perfectly. Today, real estate dealers and agents are coming up with so many new patterns, styles and types of houses that we really get tempted by the concept and actually ignore much more important things. As an investor, it is our duty that we carefully understand all the important things such as super built up area, carpet area, and built up area and how they can hamper our investment.

To purchase a property is a long-term investment and if you do not understand how these three ways affect the calculated area, then you have certainly landed up on the right page.

Carpet Area
The name itself states that carpet area is that area of the property in which you can actually lay your carpet. It is measured from wall to wall and the areas that are included in this section include the dining room, living room, dressing room, balconies, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and other rooms.

Built-Up Area
Built up area also known as Plinth area is the total area which is covered under the property unit. It is calculated by adding the ducts that are present within the property unit along with external and internal walls. Thus, it includes carpet area, utility ducts, internal and external walls.

Super Built-Up Area
This area covers the built up area along with some common areas that are proportional to the unit. It is calculated by adding up the carpet area that can vary between 15% to 50%. Common areas such as lift ducts, lobby, air ducts, clubs and entire built up area are covered.

How The Above Terms Will Help You In Buying
This breakup is important so that a builder will not place any amount or a particular percentage of super built-up area as the carpet area. This means, if the price that has been quoted is Rs. 1,000 per sq ft super built-up area; it means the carpet area can be around 650-750 per sq ft. This will help you understand which are the actual carpet and super built-up areas.

From the above concept, it should by now be clear that there is a huge difference between built- up area and the carpet area. So, let the developer or agent not try to impress you with some unneeded information and make yourself thorough with the above terms so that next time you plan an investment in the property, you actually take all the above pointers into consideration carefully.